With so many new tools available, marketing in the area of real estate developers has come a long and valuable way in recent decades. We have gathered here 6 efficient ways in which real estate developers can expand their portfolio of potential customers and complete the desired transactions faster.

Start promoting your project before the construction is completed

This is no exaggeration. Traditionally, many builders and real estate developers used to wait for the project to be completed before putting it up for sale in the best possible way. The argument of those who do this is that potential buyers need to see, to touch a physical object in order to pay.

From this point of view, the architectural models are gold, because they help potential customers visualize the final form of a project. The human mind may have difficulty perceiving two-dimensional sketches.

The impact is greater, which means that a 3D model presented at the right time (before the construction is completed) can have an incredible success. You can sell your entire project or all the apartments in a residential center before the final date of construction which is great.

It is clear that today we are in a new age – one in which technology makes pre-construction marketing so easy and affordable. Simply put, house builders, hotel developers, residential centers, blocks of flats, etc., cannot afford not to sell before a project is completed (or even started!!).

In fact, it can be an effective strategy to attract investors. There is a better chance for an investor to finance a project if he views it as a model, than if he sees some two-dimensional sketches.

Create a good website for the developed project

The website will be like a virtual showroom for the project you propose. Just as your physical presence should make a good first impression, so should the site.

When designing the site, make sure that:

  • It is easy to find. For this, you can use SEO optimization strategies so that the site appears in the first positions in the search engines, according to the specific words which define it.
  • It is easy to use. If the site loads slowly or is difficult to explore, you will most likely lose visitors from the first clicks.
  • It is compatible with mobile devices. Nowadays, many users use smart devices to surf the Internet. If the design of the site is not optimized for compact screens, you may lose very good potential customers.
  • It provides important information. The content must be valuable and attract potential customers.
  • It is visual. Show potential buyers what you want to sell and don’t just tell them about it. Use visual elements such as 3D renderings, virtual tours and images with the project model.

Use high quality images

Photo equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated every year, and the images speak about your products and professionalism. Therefore, be sure to use professionally captured visual images. For this, you can use drones, an amazing addition to real estate marketing. Thus, you will be able to present to potential buyers not only the building itself, but also the entire surrounding area.

Architectural Rendering

In the end, you can make clips in which to combine video captures in the air with photos or video segments made indoors on the 3D models faithful to the project. 3D models are a phenomenal tool to visualize what a buyer can buy and you can use them in combination with videos in the air.

Participate in fairs and real estate events with the project model

Real estate fairs are an incredibly successful method for real estate developers. They are niche so those who come to your stand will be directly interested in an offer. Don’t just present them with some 2D sketches and a lot of words. An architectural model made in detail can act as a magnet for potential customers interested in your project.

For this, you collaborate with a company specialized in making architectural models. The visual effect will be thousands of times more captivating than two-dimensional sketches, which are often too technical for potential buyers.

Architectural Scale Model

Create virtual tours before the project is completed

These tours open the virtual doors to your project. Because the project is not yet complete and potential customers cannot see anything physical yet, you can use the technology to create pre-construction virtual tours. It is a step forward from a 3D rendering to give even more life to your project. A talented producer can take potential customers on a virtual tour and this is very realistic.

Stay active on Social Media

Social Media connects people and products in new and interesting ways, so that the best marketing campaigns can reach an incredible level due to the potential of social media. A Business Facebook page and an Instagram account are necessary. Get actively involved in managing these accounts by providing permanent contact with previous and potential customers.

In the end, remember that your marketing strategy takes time to produce effects. Focus on each marketing strategy every week or month and you will begin to see results.