Project Description

This commercial building is built for special events such as weddings, theme parties and private conventions. The building is a mix of colonial and classic design. The model wanted to combine these two models and combine them with nature. The area comes with a large open parking space to a maximum capacity of up to 200 cars.The edifice is composed of three buildings that have been modeled in an inverted W. The facade of the building comes with a neo-classic look painted in white, making it look royal in the middle of the green forest.

The building is designed with large round windows which makes the rooms more vibrant. The hall is covered with glorious terraces, which gives the place a colonial appeal. The facade comes with sculptures embedded on its exterior walls, while a fountain was created in front of the large entrance.Despite its classic appearance, the interior of the aforementioned structure is heavily influenced by colonial interiors. Each room has its own terraces, which leads to the hall and separate exits.