Project Description

This urban architecture does not only exude modernity, but it also showcases sophistication and luxury. This beautiful city center is found in Eschborn, Germany.This urban structure is composed of various buildings, uniquely designed to accommodate the limited space in the area. From an aerial view, the whole city center is shaped like a heart, with residential spaces surrounding the whole area. The roads are made wide enough to avoid traffic jams and other urban disturbances.

Urban architects made sure that the urban center is environment-friendly.They have placed lavish open lawn areas for people to stroll at after a long day of work.They have also placed several trees on each corner of the industrial block. They also added several residential buildings to make things more accessible for the people working in the city center.Each building is made from the best materials. Each building has large panel windows that would give the best view of its surrounding.

These four inner buildings come with 7 stories while the last three consist of 7 to 10 stories. This urban design enables people to move in and out with ease.

There are several freeways and inner parking space for the said building. They are well equipped with elevators and security paraphernalia. These buildings are also adorned with spacious balconies, made from glass panels and steel railings. It also comes with open parking spaces for its tenants and residential owners. The buildings have lavish and spacious lobbies.The designers had added a special monument in the middle of these four buildings to add more homey vibe to the setting.The buildings are just walking distance from each other.

Overall, this urban community is one of the ideal places to live in, especially for career-oriented people.Everything is accessible and immaculate.No need to worry about being late or get stuck in traffic jams.The whole center is well-secured.Plus, the overall ambiance is teeming with hints of relaxation, convenience, and magnificence. It’s definitely a design worth replicating in all major cities worldwide.Given its intricate and glorious arrangement, it’s definitely a model worth emulating.