Project Description

This is an architectural model for a residential complex. The model consists of two beautifully designed buildings that are located in a residential complex. The model presents not only the buildings, but the whole complex, including the area where the buildings are. The model first shows the green spaces, such as the green grass, and trees that are greatly highlighted in the architecture of the surrounding area.While there are several trees and a whole lawn that surrounds the complex, there are also walkways such as sidewalks and a road between the two buildings.

What makes this layout remarkable is its very precise attention to detail and the degree of realism. Thanks to the technology and precision, the model fits exactly to the look of the actual building, showing it when it is completed. This model certainly does not look like a rough structure, but a miniature model of the finished result. To make the model more realistic, the architect behind the model also added car models and a few people.