In this article we have prepared 5 answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about architectural models.

1. What information do you need to build the model?

The more information you can provide us, the better, because we will be able to create the model with the best accuracy. We need a complete set of plans, sections, elevations and a detailed finishing program. These will allow us to make the model quickly and accurately. The following details are very important:

  • a precise site plan showing the boundaries of the model
  • the plan showing the levels on the site
  • plans, elevations, sections of buildings
  • spatial plan
  • any aerial or ground photography of the site
  • references for colors (pavements, road signs, etc.)
  • plywood materials
  • contrast materials
  • roof finishes
  • design for balconies, terraces, window frames etc

Interior Scale Model Building

2. Select the right scale for architectural model

When planning a model, the first and most important thing is to establish the right scale. This will be chosen according to the purposes of the model. Also, this usually depends on two things:

  • how big is the area which will be rendered in the model?
  • how detailed should the model be?

You should also think about other factors such as:

  • the budget available
  • the space available for displaying the model
  • if the model must be portable

Because we have long experience in making architectural models of all sizes, we will be happy to advise you as soon as we find out more details about your project.

3. How long does it take to complete an architectural model?

Just as there is no fixed price for the models we make, we cannot say that there is a fixed execution time. That’s because every model is different. A simple model could take only a few days, while a large and complex interactive one can take about 30-45 days. Most projects take somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks.
However, the delivery time will also depend on our commitments when you place the order for a model.

We will communicate you the deadline at that moment. We would also like to mention that several architects can work to create an architectural model at the same time, which shortens the completion time.

Residential Complex Model

4. What information do you need to make a firm offer?

Ideally, for this, we need a comprehensive package of sketches. However, we understand that sometimes this is not possible and we try to be flexible. In general, in order to make a firm offer we need a location plan with a certain indication of the levels and some heights of the developed project. Also, we find useful the photos taken in the location where the project takes place.

For exhibition models we need several images, drawings or 3D representations of the proposed design. But, if the project is in its first stages, we will be as flexible as possible and we will communicate with you in order to find out as much information as possible and make a faithful offer for the model.

5. How much does an architectural model cost?

There is no valid unanimous answer to this question, because each model is unique. Prices vary depending on the complexity and size of the project, the materials used, requirements, details, etc. Obviously, large and complicated models have higher prices than simple, small models.

The only way we can provide a realistic estimate for the model you need is to check from the beginning all the information and requirements you have. In this way, we will get a true idea about the complexity of the project and we can offer you an exact price.