Laser cutting in the construction of architectural models is extremely accurate, thanks to modern machines. Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and time efficiency, ease of use and high quality results offer huge benefits when it comes to building architectural models.


Whether we are talking about laser engraving or laser cutting, the process can be used for a wide range of different materials, as well as for special shapes and delicate cuts.

Maximum accuracy

Laser cutting technology is characterized by maximum accuracy. The cut and marked parts can be used immediately and without any post-processing.

laser cutting

Maximum efficiency

Due to the short processing times, a high degree of automation and ease of use, laser milling cutters are among the most efficient technologies when it comes to material processing.

Delicate process

Since the laser cutting process in the construction of architectural models is contactless, it is particularly delicate with fine materials, such as polystyrene or cardboard. In addition, the machine does not wear out and the laser quality is always high.

When we make architectural models by laser cutting, there are no additional costs for post-processing or additional work materials. Even when it comes to processing different materials, no tool changes or use are required, which would take time. The production of the necessary parts to create the architectural models is much improved with the modern laser cutting solutions.

We offer architectural models solutions and use in our processes ultra-modern machines for 3D printing, laser cutting and laser engraving. This allows us to offer convenient prices, architectural models of the best quality and to deliver your projects on time.