When a new structure or building is designed, there are several benefits to building an architectural model. The beneficiary can easily make detailed analyzes when viewing a model and this can considerably accelerate the design or sales process, which allows the entire project to be completed much faster than in the case of 2D drawings.

Imagine the building process as a story; this story starts right after your model is revealed. When you can show your customer where his money will be spent, it is vital for him to understand the benefits of the project in only a few seconds.

residential district scale model

An architectural model is also a very useful element to communicate with project managers, engineers and contractors. Potential problems can be immediately noticed from a model unlike from drawings and plans. This makes the model a very cost-effective investment, as the revisions can be reduced, saving time and money.

The coordination between the client, architect, engineers, contractors and inspectors is one of the most complicated aspects of any project, and anything that can improve this is a considerable benefit to the project. Also, a major benefit of architectural models is the presentation of the urbanization project to allow you to obtain your building license.

The benefits of models do not stop even when the project is completed. The model can be used in future projects and presentations to present your offer to potential customers at trade shows. This offers your company more credibility and professionalism.

If you are involved in an extensive real estate development project and you have an architectural design of the project, your company has a real advantage for potential customers as the customer can visualize the building before actually seeing it in reality.

Architectural models are a powerful advertising tool for any real estate company, even in projects that have been completed. Whether you use architectural models for sales, communication or design, a model will increase the return on investment, will make the project easier and faster and offer you more credibility in today’s commercial market.