The architectural models are a bridge between the architects’ projecting philosophy and the design ideas. They allow us to properly see what a real estate project will look like upon completion, at a bigger or a smaller scale. They can be made to represent a whole housing complex or a single apartment, a mansion or an amusement park, a museum, or a cultural center.

We reckon it’s hard to imagine all these constructions in all their complexity. It might be even harder to understand what they will look like by peeking at an architect’s board and sketches. This is why you need architectural models. Their persuasive power overtakes by far any description from a brochure or the explanations of a real estate broker.

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a model has double the power of the image and, on top of that, it raises your sales. When you’re using architectural model an entire world comes to life before the very eyes of your potential buyers, unlocking the power of their imagination, and helping them explore the whole building, bit by bit.

What do they get out of this experience? An extensive overview that fascinates and persuades.