An architectural visualization and 3D rendering company can help an architect ensure a better scenario at any stage of the project. Continue reading to find out how. A presentation based on computer-generated images effectively conveys the value of the project.

The image reflects the feeling of modernity and simplicity, the balance of proportions in this design based on geometry. 3D rendering does what words can’t do: it leads to full understanding and stimulates the client’s imagination.

1. Marketing

3D renderings can be adapted to suit a variety of marketing needs. One of the best things about 3D rendering is that it is an extremely versatile format. 3D images can be easily adapted to fit any platform, which proves to be the most useful characteristic for your marketing campaign.

3D models can be translated into animations, snapshots, 3D displays and others. The 3D format has marketing uses in a wide range of industries. For example, in real estate, the 3D image can be used to create an animated model so that customers can take a virtual view of the building. You could even embed the visit on the company’s website.

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As far as marketing is concerned, 3D renderings help a lot in promoting real estate projects. You cannot add a 2D plan to an advertisement. It’s boring and no one wants to look at it. On the other hand, 3D renderings, are beautiful to look at. These presentations can easily fit into short video ads and presentations.

Beautiful video presentations represent the most sales on the market today. Studies have shown that consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product if they first see a video ad.

2. Using 3D rendering services will save you money

The investment you make in 3D rendering will have huge long-term benefits. Not only will you increase customer satisfaction and impress potential customers, but you will also reduce construction costs.

Since the 3D image will allow customers to know exactly what they are receiving, you will not have as many customers requesting design changes after construction begins.

You will save time and money and your customers will get exactly what they wish. Although 3D renderings can sensationalize the building’s main features, they are all just aesthetic representations in each day’s final moment.

3D House Building Rendering

However, it doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of fantastic creativity on the part of your customers. 3D modeling allows you to see how a design would appear through its greatest quality and explore the final picture of the rooms, while the area can still be decorated in either way that appeals to the target market.

3. Customer satisfaction

Customers are the happiest when they know what they are paying for and that is exactly the information provided by 3D design through architectural renderings. Most customers will have a hard time visualizing how a 2D design will translate into real life, thus having a 3D rendering of the design will make it easier for them to imagine.

For example, if you used 3D rendering services to create a real estate marketing campaign, potential buyers or residents could better view all the properties and plan of the real estate.