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What is an architectural model? Architecture models show both the details and the context, which are very difficult to achieve in virtual visualizations.

Architectural models give credibility to projects

Architectural models are so popular that people expect to see them when it comes to large construction projects. Therefore, if a residential complex does not have an architectural model, the credibility of the project can be reduced. It is true that an architectural model comes with an [...]

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Architectural models are ideal for presentation

A 3D architectural model shows what a building will look like, from all perspectives. This makes it useful for casual observers, for those who want to buy an apartment in a residential building or for investors in large chains of buildings. Basically, these customers will interact better [...]

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The advantages of laser cutting

Laser cutting in the construction of architectural models is extremely accurate, thanks to modern machines. Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and time efficiency, ease of use and high quality results offer huge benefits when it comes to building architectural models. Flexibility Whether we are talking about laser engraving or laser [...]

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3D printing in the creation of architectural models

When we talk about architectural models, 3D printing begins with a three-dimensional digital model. This is basically the basis of the product, and architects use several complex programs such as 3D CAD. After preparing the design of the model to be made, the model is divided into several layers, [...]

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Terrain Models – Topographic Models

The topographic architectural models are used to reproduce an existing land, garden, or landscape. Some themes of reproduction of urban spaces such as parks, playgrounds or cemeteries might be added to them. Reproduction at the level of streets and centres belongs to both this group and to [...]

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Architectural model for a factory

Where can you order an architectural model for a factory? Do you want to make a model of a factory, a warehouse or another industrial space? We can help you. Blueprint Architecture puts into practice architectural models with an incredible degree of detail meant to fulfill various [...]

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Architectural models – how are they built ?

Nowadays, architectural models can’t be absent from the presentation of construction projects of various kinds, because they bring with them several benefits for entrepreneurs, developers, investors, customers, institutions and the public, as the case may be. But how are architectural models made? These models with a fantastic [...]

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Presentation Scale Models

They are the most popular, detailed and used models. They are generally used to present design ideas to clients or the public at real estate fairs or other events with a sale or development proposal. These architectural models include the context of the site and its surroundings, [...]

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