We have been making architectural models for years for various projects, not only in Romania, but also abroad. We are proud and honored to have worked with clients in Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, America, Bulgaria and other countries. Here are 6 architectural models that we made for constructions in various states.

1. Eschborn architectural model, Germany

This architectural model we made was for an innovative urban center, very sophisticated and full of luxury, with streets and several buildings. It is a project in the center of Eschborn, Germany, with a beautiful urban structure, with several buildings and unique design.

Office building models

The city center has the shape of a heart surrounded by several residential areas. While making the model we took into account the customer’s requirements: to render the wide roads that avoid traffic jams, lawn and vegetation, trees, residential buildings with large windows (4 buildings with 7 floors each).

You can view more details about this project here

2. Skyscraper architectural model, Carambolla – France

Our team of architects created this custom model for an architecture competition that took place in Nice, France. It is a concept model with a very tall, voluminous building, with an emphasis on eco elements. That’s why, in creating the model, we made full use of synthetic turf and green moss, people, cars and even a helicopter.

Skyscraper Model

You can see images of this model here

3. Hotel Le Grand Bleu in Cap D’Ail – Monaco

Here is another architectural model made for an international project. Located near the Mediterranean Sea, this luxury hotel offers numerous facilities to its guests. To make the model we used vegetation, quality materials, lighting details and many surrounding elements which eventually led to an amazing success of this concept.

Hotel Model

For photos and other details, click here

4. Residential complex – Voiles du Cap, Monaco – France

This architectural model was ordered by a beneficiary in Monaco, France. Situated a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean Sea, this residential complex impresses with the special architecture of these places.The size of the building complex is quite large, the scale chosen was 1:150 scale which allows important details such as railings, stone textures and a pool area where sun beds and umbrellas were placed in miniature.

architectural models

For photos and other details, click here

5. Ilot Grace Kelly residential complex – Monaco

Another architectural model exhibited in Monaco is for an elaborate residential complex. Blueprint Architecture team created the miniature image of this project, with tall buildings, beautiful vegetation, lawn, wide lines and shades of pure white.

Residential Buildings Architectural Scale Model

Currently, about 40% of the architectural models made by Blueprint Architecture are intended for beneficiaries in Europe. The fact that the value, quality and attention paid to the details of making these models is appreciated internationally, honors us and makes us responsible.

You can contact us at any time for architectural models in Romania or abroad. We will use our entire experience to complete your project in the best conditions.