If you want to order an architectural model for a project, regardless of its role and purpose, we are here to help you. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from those who contact us is related to the deadline to conplete a model.

Considering that some architectural models will be used at real estate fairs or other events, it is natural that you need to know from the beginning what is the deadline for the completion.

From the beginning we must say that the deadline can be influenced by several factors:

  • the complexity of the model
  • the level of detail
  • the size of the project for which the model is made and at what scale it should be made
  • what materials will be used for the model
  • how long you will need to provide us with all the details and materials necessary for the construction of the model
  • the type of architectural model
  • whether the model will also have surrounding elements (vegetation, cars, people, etc.)
  • the number of architects who will work on the architectural model

And yet, what is the deadline to complete an architectural model?

To give you a more accurate opinion on this, we will take some examples from our portfolio and we will tell you exactly how long it took us to complete the project.

Meteorologiei Real Estate Complex Model – Completion time: 16 days

Residential complex model

This architectural model presents the Meteorologiei Real Estate Complex and has two very beautiful and modern buildings. The model presents not only the buildings, but also the area surrounding the complex – with green space, trees, underground parking, surrounding elements which give realism to the work.

To make this model, our architects used a mix of PVC and acrylic plexiglass, as well as a solid wooden board for the base. The project was completed in 16 days.

 A real estate model for the Arbo Residential District – Completion time: 45 days

This model is part of the suite of real estate projects we worked for and was requested by Arbo Residence. According to the requirements, we made this model at a scale of 1: 150, using white plexiglass to render the buildings.

Residential Housing Scale Model

Also, the surrounding area was well defined with vegetation, lighting, lawn, trees and other surrounding elements which gave a more realistic look to the entire model. This was a complex project that lasted 45 days.

These were just two examples so you can get an opinion on the deadline to complete a model. In reality, the deadline will depend on the specificities of each project.

If you want to order an architectural model and find out the estimated completion time, please contact us.